Keya Agro Process Ltd.


Keya Agro Process Ltd. (KAPL) is a self-dependent, non-political and a non-government organization established on 9 February 2012. The main mission for Keya Agro Process Ltd is to produce high quality products like100% pure milk and sweets and100% organic vegetables and it is currently operational in 6 different sectors.

The main objective of KAPL is to ensure that everyone has access to pure quality food at reasonable and affordable prices. KAPL is also focused on decreasing the environmental stress caused by chemical fertilizers by using organic ones instead and by planting medicinal plants to enhance the quality of life of local people.


The main objective of KAPL is to assist the pure foods for every bodies in very limited price and also try to decrease the environmental stress by using organic fertilizer and planting the medicinal plants and undertake various income generating to enhance the quality of life intermesh of food, health and nutrition’s.


Dairy Fram


The Keya Dairy Farm was started with a sale of 3 Kg of 100% pure milk and up until December 2014, this number has increased to 940 Kg. The aim is to produce organic milk by feeding organic, unadulterated food to the dairy cattle. At present there are 200 cows at the dairy farm (milking cow, dry cow, pregnant cow, heifer, bull etc).



Keya Sweets produces 11 different delicious items: curd, Rossgolla, Chamcham, Shormalai, Chesto, Borfi, Kalojam, Shondesh, Rajbhog, Matha and Ghee.

Vegetable Garden


The Keya Vegetable garden produces 100% organic vegetables that are grown without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. At present, these organic produce can be purchased from vegetable stalls set up just outside the factory premises.


Now our nursery is under development. But end of the 2014 we have start our plants selling.

Goat Farm


This sector is also under development. The main objectives are to produce and provide 100% pure goat milk to consumers.



This is a new addition to Keya Agro Process Ltd. Supplementing the fresh vegetables and dairy, KAPL now cultivates fish in order to provide fresh, unadulterated fish for consumption.